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#0638: NETWORK: Frank Tuhus: IoT, connectivity and computing

Gjest: Frank Tuhus

System architect


Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN. Silvija talks to system architect, Frank Tuhus, about how IOT will change our needs and how we can use it to solve a problem rather than just creating a new “thing”. Frank is the Data Center CSE and lead for Cisco's Technocamp track, and in the podcast Silvija and Frank also discusses whether the Covid-19 crisis may have had positive effects on the pace of which IoT is developing. 

Education and hobbies?
IT at Vestfold University College, CCIE certification in Cisco.
Hobbies: Sailing, boating and music. 

Who are you, personally and professionally?
I work in Cisco and live in the country. Have worked with technology and IT since I started working.

What is the most important thing you do at work?
Helps customers and partners arrive at cost-effective and good technical solutions.

What do you focus on in technology / innovation?
IoT and digitization.

Why is it exciting?
Digitization has a very high focus today and will over time have a great effect on the society we live in.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
The completely unnecessary discussion about which carrier IoT data should use. I think we need more than one carrier, and we should use the one that is best suited and most cost effective.

Your own relevant projects last year?
Digitization of Municipality Norway and Smart construction.

What do you think is relevant knowledge for the future?
Collaboration and the ability to share.

What do we do uniquely well in Norway from this?
We have many good developer environments and run many exciting processes around digitization.

Any new perspectives with Covid?
Covid gives us a huge acceleration of digitized and digital communication.

Summarize our conversation with a sentence.


This what you will learn:

IoT Covid-19 Digitalisering
You have to take the risk and say; yes, i know i have these systems and these ways of doing things, but I need to learn about all the new ways to do this and maybe step out of my comfort zone to try new ways of working.

- Frank Tuhus

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