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#0760: AI for better food

Gjest: Adrian Diaz

Co-Founder of Völur

Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija speaks to entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Völur, Adrian Diaz. Adrian believes that artificial intelligence can be used in many new and innovative ways within the meat industry to ensure a better and more sustainable industry. In this episode, you learn all about the whole food chain, from what goes on on the farm right up until the meat is on store shelves, and how we can use AI to improve this process.

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What does your organization sell, and why do people buy from you?

Völur provides a SaaS powered by AI. The goal is to enable a more sustainable and optimized meat industry. We work really close to the customer to define all their business rules, the know-hows, to understand their data, how everything is connected with everything else, and to feel their pains. 


What exactly motivates you in this assignment? 

As you might already know, we work with an industry that has a huge impact in the total CO2 footprint globally, around 14.5% every year.  We have given the opportunity to apply AI into our customers’ value chain and make a contribution to bring those numbers down. 


Are there any interesting dilemmas?

We have found out that to do so you need to communicate and transmit your passion and your vision properly. You must demonstrate it is feasible to apply AI to their specific problems by showing the numbers. It is through this process of building trust that they can understand how the industry can become more sustainable and benefit all the players within through applying AI. 


Your 3 best growth tips for other similar companies? 
1. The team is your biggest asset 
2. Your customer is your boss
3. We, entrepreneurs, we are passionate. Solidify your vision


Your own most important job projects in the last year? 

Since starting up, we built a prototype for one of the biggest players in the meat industry in Norway. We worked really close with key personnel and decision makers to get a proper representation of their value chain and their problem, what their pain was. 


Samle deg med en venn eller en kollega for å se om du klarer å svare på spørsmålet nedenfor.


Matindustrien er tradisjonell. Hvordan kan et selskap som Völur skaffe seg kunder og overbevise disse om å tenke nytt og endre vaner?


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This is what you will learn:

How can AI be used in the food industry?  
Sustainable food production  

You must demonstrate it is feasible to apply AI to their specific problems by showing the numbers. It is through this process of building trust that they can understand how the industry can become more sustainable and benefit all the players within through applying AI.

- Adrian Diaz

Recommended literature:

I would recommend two classic books

• Edwin Lefèvre. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. The actual story of this really skilled broker who also had a tremendous impact in the industry. It mentions his achievements and failures from following data-driven decisions more than 100 years ago. This can be applied to startups, where you have ups and downs, but you must never give up.     

• Sun Tzu, The Art of War. This is a classic, with analogies to the startup world. This is war, so you have to know your competition, which in some cases might be yourself. You need to be prepared and be strategic in all aspects even with limited resources. Find ways to motivate your team and seek victory.

This is Völur

Völur optimize food value chains with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Their pioneering services enable a whole new set of possibilities that understands how your business works, predicts cause-effect outcomes, and makes real-time recommendations driven by the market demand. Völur embrace a food production industry that use the least amount of global resources to satisfy the market demand. With the intention of addressing and reducing that waste, Völur provide AI-powered optimization services for the food industry in accordance to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns.