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Tema: VRAR

#0106: The smart glasses of the future

Gjest: Aki Kolehmainen

AR/VR Business Lead


Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to AR / VR Business Lead in Futurice, Aki Kolehmainen, about how to combine the virtual world with the real world. He talks about creating businesses around emergent technologies, doing speeches and presentations, sales and consultation, and also rarely, real development and service design work.

Who are you and how were you interested in VR?
I run Futurice's AR and VR expertise. I got really interested in VR in 2014 when we bought the Oculus Rift DK2 and started testing its limits.

What are you doing at work?
My job is to create a business around emergent technologies. We try to solve our client's problems or create new business by focusing on the right things and using the best technologies for each case. In my work, I do a lot of speeches and presentations, and I also do sales and consultation. On some rare occasions, I also do some real development and service design work.

What are the most important concepts in VR?
I like to divide VR into the simulation, training, collaboration, and entertainment. All of them have different angles on how to gain value for the end-user.

Why is it exciting?
VR can take you to a completely different place from where you are. Because your whole field of vision sees only digital content, it can fool your brain very effectively. VR can be used for fun, recovery, easing chronic pain, help you with phobias, etc. On the other hand, we can make you feel sick and have nightmares at night.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
"VR is just for fun and games" - No, definitely not.

Your own self-made best example of VR?
Our team created a VR cave experience, where all of your real surroundings are mapped in the virtual world. When you touch walls or elevator buttons in VR you are also touching objects in a real environment. In the experience, you can see visualizations of your hands and feet.

Your other favorite examples on VR internationally and nationally?
- HiVision from Hiab were are using VR for crane operation 
- Tobii eye-tracking with HTC Vive (Pro) can make the user experience in a completely new level

A favorite VR quote?
VR and AR will eventually converge, and smart glasses will take over our digital interactions." - Carlos López.


This is what you will learn:

Opportunities with VR

Use of VR for chronic pain

VR in combination with the real world

VR is not just fun and games. There are many real use cases where VR can provide real value to end-users.

- Aki Kolehmainen

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