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#1067: Technology for animal welfare

Gjest: Synne Foss Budal

General Manager of Nofence

Med Vert Silvija Seres

We are happy to present to you the first episode in our collaboration with Oslo Innovation week 2021! In this talk, Silvija meets the General Manager of NoFence, Synne Foss Budal, who speaks on the track "Scaling your growth company" at the event. With the NoFence solution, the farmer can control your animal herd with GPS solutions from your PC or mobile phone. No physical fences are needed, and the animal uses their hearing skills to know where the virtual fences are. Tune in to learn more about what future farming will look like and how Nofence combines sustainable solutions with animal welfare.

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Who are you, and how did you become interested in innovation / research?
I am a relatively young Trøndelag resident who is passionate about Norwegian value creation and innovation. I was introduced to the startup world through a stepfather who runs a public investment company. The climate crisis is the biggest challenge we face, and by working at Nofence I have the opportunity to work towards a greener future.

What is the most important thing you do at work?
Through Norwegian technology, we create value for animals, farmers and society through grazing. The animals graze where they turn grass into protein for humans, safeguard biological diversity and facilitate carbon storage in the soil.

What do you focus on in technology / innovation?
I spend a lot of my time trying to understand how we can use technology to create value for farmers who have animals grazing. How can our technology be a tool for the farmer that increases the productivity and quality of the food soil?

Why is this exciting?
According to the UN, we have 60 years left with agriculture as we operate today. We are therefore in a hurry to find new and better solutions for our agriculture. Then it is exciting to work with a product that can help improve the food soil all over the globe.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
If I have to single one out, it's a polarized debate about red meat. The soil is basically a balanced system where grazing animals have a role in the ecosystem. We must play along with nature by producing food in a sustainable way. In Norway, this means a lot of grazing as what we have most of is outfield, we also have to become even better at eating the whole animal.

Your own relevant projects last year?
I have been working on a project for the past year and that is to scale Nofence to the UK. For me, this has gone a long way in spending time with my clients in the UK. Nofence is a good example of how a technology can solve different problems in different markets. In Norway there is a lot of space that has not been utilized, in the UK it is about using the area better.

Your other favorite examples of similar projects, internationally and nationally?
I think it's extremely cool with Norwegian companies that create cutting-edge technology and take it out into the world. Orbital Machines and their electric fuel pumps are a good example.

What do you think is relevant knowledge for the future?
I think the most important thing we take with us into the future is holistic thinking. Our economic, social and ecological systems are interconnected. We cannot solve the biggest challenge of our time by looking at individual cases in isolation.

What do we do uniquely well in Norway from this?
What we do well in Norway, and which we should become even better at, is to think about scaling. We are good at technology and innovation, but we must become even better at looking at the world in how our innovation can be used in other countries and situations. Nofence is a good example of how we solve different problems in different markets.


Samle deg med en venn eller en kollega for å se om du klarer å svare på spørsmålet nedenfor.


What is rotational grazing, and why is it effective?


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This is what you will learn:

Animal wellfare
Animal health
Upscaling internationally
Innovation in farming

The sustainability and opportunity lies in utilizing our grasslands

- Synne Foss Budal

Recommended literature:

"Kiss The Ground", documentary on Netflix

"Cows save the Planet", book written by Judith D. Schwartz

This is Nofence

Nofence is a committed group of people who are passionate about developing technology that makes it easy to have animals grazing and at the same time safeguard good animal welfare