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#1068: Optimizing the workflow in the property industry

Gjest: Johan Bronkhorst

Business Developer of Digital XBO

Med Vert Silvija Seres

In the second episode of the warm-up with Lørn.tech x OiW, Silvija meets the business developer of Digital XBO, Johan Bronkhorst. Johan is in this talk representing the track "the nordic model" at OiW 2021. Digital XBO makes it easy to share information and gives a good communication flow across the property industry. Moreover, you can add all relevant solutions to get a project overview and a tool overview to get the best workflow possible with one platform. Sounds amazing? Well, it is!

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Who are you, and how did you become interested in innovation and technology?
I’m a South African with a background in both property development and architecture, I’m also just a curious person. Innovation became a part of my life after seeing how desperately outdated the property industry was, so in response I started a business helping companies with digital transformation.

What is the most important thing you do at work?
Identifying problems with our own logic and rapidly running through different scenarios. This helps to ensure that we see the pitfalls, avoid being blindsided and as a result can take as much calculated risk as possible. In short, I need to make greater risk more digestible.

What do you focus on in technology/ innovation?
The property industry is insanely fragmented with over approximately 9000 third-party solutions available and many being closed systems - it’s madness.
An example: One person has to use about 8 of these tools a day, transferring information between them and having to keep track of everything. We’re pulling all of their project information onto one dashboard, while providing direct access to the relevant third party solutions - improving their time efficiency by a factor of 10!

Why is this important?
Property companies have no idea how much time and money they are losing on construction inefficiency by using different tools. We’ve already improved the parts of their budgeting by 10x just by unifying two functions of these tools, imagine what we can do with eight.

Why is it exciting?
We are ensuring that you can capitalize on flexibility, rather than be limited in a time of exponential growth. That concept is overlooked currently, because everything is shiny and “solving a pain” - nobody is seeing the cost of all these different solutions being unable to speak to each other. It’s a tower-of-babel-time-bomb waiting to go off.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
The inability of so-called visionary CVCs to support pre-seed companies. Startup valuations being so conservatively low in Norway is a bit shocking given the recent success of new startups on the market.

Your relevant projects in the last year?
Integrations with third-party suppliers, we took on the mammoth and saw its true nature. The pure time it takes a corporation to take a single step forward is already a setback, by the time they’re done, the project will be outdated and suboptimal. Waterfall has its place, but innovation is not it - which is why we’re here for you!

What do you think is relevant knowledge for the future?
I think we need to understand the cost at which we are introducing new solutions at the rate that we are. If you are able to quantify that cost then you’re able to optimize your work, reduce project risks, and improve project budgets.

What do we do uniquely well in Norway from this?
A close knit community means there are real network effects at play. Pair this with a bit of cultural transparency and you suddenly have a magic formula. Companies have a higher chance of learning from each other, which is a giant leap forward for them and the economy.


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What does DXBO offer, and how can their solutions provide a more efficient, transparent, sustainable, and cost-reducing production in the property industry?


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This is what you will learn:

Optimizing workflow
Cost efficiency 
Third-party suppliers 
The Nordic model
How to succeed with a start up

We are not out here to take away the business of the companies we integrade with, but to give them a great share of the market 

- Johan Bronkhorst

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This is Digital XBO

Digital XBO (DXBO) is a PropTech startup that was established according to the need of internal real estate projects at OBOS Block Watne to better engage with home owners during the construction phase