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#0174: 3DL - the learning tool of the future

Gjest: Shyam Venkatraman

Gründer of 3DL

Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to App Studio founder Shyam Venkatraman about 3DL and the use of digital technology to deliver a new form of learning architecture . How the 3D model makes learning more engaging and the key concepts in edtech are some of the highlights of their discussion. Shyam defines edtech as a technology that is used by students and teachers to learn in the classroom or outside i.e. technology, learning, and teaching. Shyam encourages collaboration with clusters like Oslo EdTech as being the right platform to learn from shared experiences.




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What do you do at work?
As a product owner, I have contact with the teachers, find out what is difficult to explain and which subjects they struggle to engage the students. Based on these discussions, we have meetings with technical teams to find out how we can build content that serves both purposes - making teaching and learning more meaningful.

What are the key concepts in edtech?
For us, it is about using digital technology to deliver a new form of learning architecture. An architecture that exploits students' inherent curiosity, learning by performing and social reach on the internet.

Why is it exciting?
Children growing up today need to be prepared for tomorrow. A future that we do not yet know what jobs it will offer. One thing is for sure, everyone needs to know how to learn. At a higher level, edtech will change the future of how education will be used, taught, utilized and ultimately the results it can provide, both for the individual and for society as a whole.

Your own projects within edtech?
3DL is our latest contribution. This uses 3D objects so that teachers can teach and teach the student to learn. It is available on most platforms, from PC and mobile phones to VR.

Your other favorite examples of edtech internationally and nationally?
Bayju in India and Kikora in Norway.

How do you usually explain edtech?
All that is technology and is used by students and teachers to learn in the classroom or outside. That is, technology, learning and teaching.

What do we do uniquely well in Norway from this?
In relation to many other school systems, we have had a participatory environment in Norway. This is an important basis for changing education through technology and the use of technology for learning and teaching. When it comes to collaboration, clusters like Oslo EdTech are the right platform to learn from shared experiences.

A favorite edtech quote?
We have really not changed the students' academic outcomes - said by Bill Gates in the ASU GSV summit.


Samle deg med en venn eller en kollega for å se om du klarer å svare på spørsmålet nedenfor.


If you were a teacher in a classroom, how would you by using VR and other tools for digital learning, engage your students? How would you like to learn by these digital tools yourself? 


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This is what you will learn:

Concepts in Ed tech
Learning architecture

Edtech is not here to replace the teacher, it is here to make the full ecosystem work properly. A new learning architecture utilizes students' inherent curiosity such as "learning by doing".

- Shyam Venkatraman

This is 3DL

Three Dimensional Learning (3DL) delivers learning tools of the future. Their solution includes 2D and 3D content and equipment necessary to get a full use of it. 3DL utilize the latest of VR and AR technology to make the classes more engaging, immersive, and interesting for students.