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#0229: Kodelærings

Gjest: Magnus Lysfjord



Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to co-founder of the interactive learning platform Sci-Code, Magnus Lysfjord, about coding, VR and the learning platform of the future. Magnus Lysfjord is the CEO of the Sci-Code Company from the Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching. The team was coordinated and organized by Magnus from 2015-2017, as a sponsored E-Learning research team by MatRIC, supervised by the greatest heads of e-learning, artificial intelligence, and computer science in Norway. He mentions VR-code, JavaScript and the 3D-World while explaining the central concepts in their tech.

What do you work with?
We got a sponsorship from The Research Council of Norway, and from there on we were able to create machine learning libraries that would automate when you get something wrong, and what exactly you did get wrong. We can automate that process and give people personalized feedback.

What is the most important thing you do at your work?
The cool thing about VR is that it became a JavaScript library just a few years ago, and that opened up the doors for everyone because Internet is just JavaScript, CSS and HTML. When that became available in VR, everyone started booming and Mozilla was actually in charge of creating this Library called A-Frame. Here you can create new objects very simple with JavaScript and it has revolutionized the way we see VR today.

What are the central concepts in your tech?
Our tool is made in JavaScript and some back-end Frameworks. You can put the VR-code into that JavaScript and then we can preview exactly what that VR-code is going to look like instantly. You create a 3D-circle in a 3D-world and that's created instantly.

Your other favourite examples, internationally and nationally?
A popular library called A-Frame developed by Mozilla, which is an open source. It uses a physics engine from WebGL, and you don't have to code everything, you can go onto designer tool and be able to effectively create something as you would in Illustrator.

What do we do particularly well in Norway or in your country?
You can formulate a lot of different opinions in Norway and it's not really polarized, which I think is quite important.

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VR E-læring Maskinlæring Algorithm Visualization Learning Platform
We are at such an early age of machine learning, there is so many new ways of opening up that world as well.

Magnus Lysfjord

Anbefalt litteratur

Dette er Sci-Code

Sci-Code, as a company, is actively developing services, tools and technologies within education that contributes towards closing the gap between industry and education. They are building a new education system, pillared on the advances in technology that will enable exploratory learning, personalized learning experiences tailored to each individual, and the most stimulating education in the world; verified by their algorithms.


Would you enjoy going to the gym more if you could be in a virtual world while working out?