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#0243: Shipping solutions with zero emissions

Gjest: Jan-Olaf Willums



Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to the founder of ZEM (Zero Emission Maritime solutions), Jan-Olaf Willums. He is considered one of the visionaries in electric mobility and became a founding partner in REC, a pioneering global photovoltaic company, and Think Global, an electric car manufacturer, where he served as CEO until 2008. He then co-founded Move About, a European car-sharing company, and ZEM. At ZEM, they work with offering battery solutions to the maritime sector. In the episode, Jan-Olaf Willums breaks down the most important concepts in energy technology and the best source of energy today in the new battery technology. Are we underestimating the development of today's battery technology? 



What are you doing at work?
Chairing some of the companies that I have launched in the last 10-15 years, such as ZEM and the Zero Emission Marine systems company.

What are the most important concepts in energy technology?
The electrification of the shipping and offshore sector. New battery technology allows new applications for energy storage that can reduce emissions radically.

Why is it exciting?
The development of new battery technologies and the rapidly lowering cost of battery storage opens incredible opportunities for greening the shipping industry.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
How to develop a balance between how to use new technology and the rules and regulations needed to ensure that it benefits the society, without limiting technology entrepreneurship.

Your own favourite projects in energy technology?
Zembox, a modular battery system that is so powerful that it can easily provide zero emission power to all means of transport.

Your other favourite examples of energy technology internationally and nationally?
Zetlink, a system that allows to integrate many means of transport into a seamless mobility chain, so that I can move things, goods or myself.

How do you usually explain energy technology?
For me, the key is to find new energy technologies that gives me most energy value with least emission and cost.

What do we do particularly well in Norway of this?
We are willing to try out something new, even if it has a good chance to fail. There are more and more technology-savvy young people that would like to try something new. And we have one of the best mobile data coverages in the world and no fear to use data technology in new ways.

A favourite energy technology quote?
Nothing good will happen unless you just do it.

Most important takeaway from our conversation?
Get young people enthusiastic in energy and climate issues.


This is what you will learn:

Battery technologist
Public regulation

My favorite project is Zembox, a modular battery system that is so powerful that it can easily provide zero-emission power to all means of transport.

- Jan-Olaf Willums

Recommended literature:
Hot, Flat, and Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman

This is ZEM

With over 15 years of experience with lithium Ion batteries, ZEM brings a knowledge driven approach to offering battery solutions to the maritime sector. ZEM is proud to have received contracts to deliver the battery systems for the SMM 2016 ship of the Year, Vision of the Fjords as well as the 2018 ship of the year, the Future of the Fjords . ZEM was also responsible for delivering batteries to Eidesvik's "Viking Queen" and "Viking Energy" Off-shore supply vessels - the first commercial implementations of peak shaving solutions of its kind - helping to achieve more than 20% fuel savings during battery operations.