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#0245: AI for olje og gass

Gjest: Bjørn-Erik Dale


Solution Seeker

Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija speaks with Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at Solution Seeker, Bjørn-Erik Dale. Solution Seeker has developed the first artificial intelligence for upstream oil & gas production optimization. In the episode, Bjørn-Erik tells about this solution and how they utilize AI to consult production engineers in the oil & gas industry about how to optimize their production. With their "ProductionCompass", Solution Seeker aims to revolutionize some of the most complex production systems out there Bjørn-Erik tells in the episode. 


What are you doing at work?
At Solution Seeker we are developing the first artificial intelligence for real-time oil and gas production optimization.

What are the most important concepts in energy technology?
The digitalization wave that is hitting the oil and gas industry now is huge. It has so much data that is not being utilized and exploited, and combined with the recent advancements in machine learning and computing power, it is driving big changes in the industry.

Why is it exciting?
This enables new ways of working. New technologies and solutions radically change how we can interact with and learn from the field itself.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
The hype. When we started a few years back no one focused on digitalization – it was all about cost cutting in the oil and gas industry. Now the focus has changed, and there are so many with little or no clue that is trying to get a piece of the so-called “digital transformation”.

Your own favourite projects in energy technology?
ProductionCompass is pioneering advanced data analytics, machine learning and optimization for some of the world’s most complex production systems.

Your other favourite examples of energy technology internationally and nationally?
I am really optimistic about energy technologies in general, both providing the short-term and long-term solutions to supply the world with energy in a sustainable way.

What do we do particularly well in Norway of this?
We have always pushed for new technological developments. In the oil and gas industry we have the principle of “best available technology”, so all oil companies have to demonstrate to the authorities that they operate in the best and safest way.

A favourite energy technology quote?
My fundamental motivation lies in the fact that we are solving a problem no one has been able to solve before us.

Most important takeaway from our conversation?
There are real advances in AI for oil and gas, and those advances are being made by and between major oil companies and new start-ups.


This what you will learn:

Avansert dataanalyse Maskinlæring AI Olje og gass
There are real advances in AI for oil and gas, and those advances are being made by and between major oil companies and new start-ups.

- Bjørn-Erik Dale

Recommended literature:
David Silver from Google’s DeepMind Andrew Ng at Coursera

This is Solution Seeker

Solution Seeker believes that the combination of hard-core science and technology with an unwavering dedication to challenging the status quo is the only way to change their industry – and even the world – for the better. This belief lies at the core of how they have created the world’s first AI for production optimization in the oil & gas industry. The AI analyzes thousands of production data streams in real-time, identifies field behavior and relations, estimates relevant parameters, correlations and uncertainties, and automatically provides up-to-date prediction models for optimization. At Solution Seeker, they seek to figure out how to turn data into value.

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