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#0339: Future of human-machine interaction

Gjest: Tugberk Duman

Head of Innovation


Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija and Head of Innovation in Futurice, Tugberk Duman, will demystify biometrics and talk about the social consequences of how it can change the service business. Biometrics imitate human intuition and his focus is to remove friction in human & machine interaction. Duman is a consultant based in Helsinki and has worked with clients from various industries such as IT, finance, media, aviation and retail heavy industry, around emerging technology & business. His expertise in biometrics-XR-CV goes a long way and believes he is the guy that bridges the gap between tech & design & business to get started with emerging tech.

Who are you, and how did you get interested in biometics-tech?
I have been working with biometrics-tech at Futurice since 2016. In 2014, I was leading the team that created first ever commercial Google Glass app in Finland. I asked myself, what if we can remove the friction between human and machine wherever it exists? And I spotted biometrics technologies as one of the enablers.

What is the most important you at Futurice do at work?
I lower the threshold for our corporate clients to start experimenting with emerging tech by making complicated simple, removing the smoke & mirrors around the tech, as well as paving a roadmap starting from experimentation to full adoption.

What do you focus on within biometics-tech?
Biometrics is your unique, measurable physical or behavioural characteristics; face, voice, iris, fingerprints etc. are all biometrics. However, my focus is to remove friction in human & machine interaction. Only technologies that imitate human intuition can do that.

Why is it exciting?
Because what we are observing is a paradigm shift. We are finally breaking the barrier between physical and digital experiences and create what I call zero user interface experiences. Interfaces dissolves into digital environment and reacts and interacts with the user's presence proactively.

What controversies do you think are the most interesting?
One big public debate I am looking forward to see how we are going to overcome to lack of data issue in Europe. Whether it is voice or face recognition, the upbringing of this algorithms depends on the ubiquity of data.  Also, Convenience vs Privacy:  Many of us give up on some degree of privacy in pursuit of  convenience.

Your own relevant projects the last year? 
Face Recognition Payment with a financial group and Walk Paced Identification with national carrier Finnair and Finavia.

Other favourite examples of biometics-tech internationally and nationally?
Amazon GO is the most prominent zero UI example.

What competence/skills do you think are relevant for the future?
Rapid Prototyping, Ear first design and Physical Design for Digital Experiences & Environments.

A favourite quote about the future?
“Surrounding world is never ready - and waiting is not the best strategy” - Sami Karhunen.

Key take aways from this session?
Biometrics, though stereotypically associated with security and surveillance, is going to change service business as we know it.  Digital  & Physical Experiences converging under User Experience and biometrics-tech is the big enabler.

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Biometrics Innovation Human-machine interaction
Face recognition, voice recognition, and behavioral biometrics, is the future of human-machine interaction, hence if you are not already looking into it you are late.

Tugberk Duman

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Biometrics is a major technological advancement. Your thoughts?