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#0408: Make every step count

Gjest: Eric Soehngen

Co-founder and CEO


Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija speaks to co-founder and CEO of Walkolution, Eric Soehngen, about the world's first walking treadmill for the office which would get people to move while they work comfortably and efficiently and reduce the high risk of cancer and other diseases that afflict as a result of sitting long hours. As a medical specialist and scientist, Dr. Eric Söhngen has intensively studied the connection sitting not only has with back pain and weight gain but also the hazardous consequences of serious diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, depression and dementia that one may risk. He founded Walkolution in 2017 to work on the causes and no longer on the symptoms of the problem.

What are you doing at work?
We change the way humans work, develop products, writes books, give keynotes and lectures, and visit the most exciting offices in the world.

What are the most important concepts in your technology?
Eco-friendly, noiseless, connected, smart and healthy workspace, and office of the future.

Why is it exciting?
Neuroergonomics, now we understand how the brain actually works.

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
People think that walking requires multitasking, and think that they can’t work and walk at the same time.

Your own favourite projects?
Developing a smaller and low-cost version of our product for schools and the educational environment.

Your other favourite examples, internationally and nationally?
Internationally it’s walkable cities, walkability scores of cities and its economic impact. Nationally it’s public transport tickets for steps.

How do you usually explain what you do, in simplest terms?
Sitting kills, and we have the solution.

What do we do particularly well in Norway of this?
Understanding corporate wellness, and investing in corporate health.

A favourite quote?
Without health everything is nothing.

Most important takeaway from our conversation?
Stand up and walk.


This what you will learn:

Corporate wellness Efficiency Walking scores
Sitting for extended periods of time in an office chair, day after day, has never been part of our genomic imprint. The fact that this has become the status quo is wreaking havoc on our physical health and making us unhappy.

- Eric Soehngen

Recommended literature:
The Story of the Human Body by Daniel Lieberman

This is Walkolution

Sitting in chairs all day has never been part of our genomic plan, and it is very bad for our health. Movement is a basic human right and a sheer necessity for mental performance and long-term health. Walkolution exists for one reason: to fix the problem of sitting and give people a true alternative. With a catalog ranging from accessorized standing desks, transport cases and standing aids to manual treadmill desks offered in various designs, Walkolution is set to build the movement revolution with the use of high tech and craft work for better health of their patrons.

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