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#0409: Technology that solves sustainability issues

Gjest: Cilia Holmes Indahl

CEO of Katapult

Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of LØRN, Silvija speaks to the CEO of Katapult, Cilia Holmes Indahl, about how they create a world where all capital, tech, and people are put to work for a better future to accelerate businesses and solve global problems. The EQT Foundation announced the appointment of Cilia Holmes Indahl, currently CEO of Katapult Group, as Head of the EQT Foundation, effective August 2020. In her new role, Cilia is responsible for developing and executing the Foundation’s strategic agenda. She is also a mentor at Katapult Accelerator, a Sustainable Business Model Expert and CEO of Nordic Impact.
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Who are you and how did you become interested in this technology? 
I’m a business model nerd who set out to prove that for-profit, impact-driven tech start-ups will yield appropriate, if not superior, returns – because tech is crucial to solving the global challenges at the appropriate scale. 

What is your role at work?
I help ensure that the network of Katapult companies is enabled to do their best work. That means ensuring that we have a clear direction and the right resources in place to deliver on our ambition to create a world where all capital, tech and people are put to work for a better future.

Why is this exciting?
Here, we could discuss some of the start-ups you have already touched base with and why you think they are exciting.

What is your own favourite example of this technology?
Right now, I am super excited about our mission to unlock synergies across the Katapult system and setting the organisation up for growth.

Can you name any other good examples, nationally or internationally?
Lab-grown meat is a great example of designing what is next into what is now. It looks and tastes like meat, which makes it familiar and capable of shifting demand.

How do you usually explain what you do, in simple terms?
Ironically, as a student, I once said that I did not want to work with moving money from one investment to another, because it seemed pointless to move money based on fixed metrics. Now I realise that my job is largely about shifting capital towards impact investing – and it’s exciting to be part of building new metrics for how capital is moved.

Is there anything we do particularly well in Norway in this area? And why Katapult?
Norway is already world class in shareholder activism through its sovereign wealth fund. It’s also known for being a highly trusting and trustworthy society, which makes it a great starting point for creating a movement like Katapult. Instead of working against the local conditions, we are fuelled by them.

Do you have a favourite quote?
Thomas Edison’s quote: “There is no substitute for hard work.”

What do you think is the most important takeaway from our conversation?
As Fredrik Winther highlights, if we are to live in a sustainable and equitable society with acceptable temperatures, we need to invest in tech that solves the global problems at the appropriate scale.


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Spørsmål:Thomas Edison once said: “There is no substitute for hard work.” Is it true that although things always get tough, we can solve anything if we are determined enough?


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Accelerating businesses
Green economy

If we are to live in a sustainable and equitable society with ok temperatures, we need to invest in tech that solves the global problems at the appropriate scale, she says.

- Cilia Holmes Indahl

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This is Katapult

Katapult mobiliserer økonomiske og menneskelige ressurser for å påvirke fokuserte teknologibedrifter gjennom Katapult investeringsprogrammer. Katapult har tro på at eksponentiell teknologi som brukes på FNs SDG vil levere overlegen risikojustert avkastning sammen med positiv innvirkning. Siden 2017 har Katapult Accelerator investert i 60 impact-tech startups fra over 20 land, og kjørt akseleratorprogrammer i Oslo, København og digitalt over hele verden.