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#0415: Modernization of Norway

Gjest: Camilla Amundsen

CMO for Fixed & TV of Telenor Norway

Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks with CMO for Fixed & TV at Telenor Norway, Camilla Amundsen, about how they are modernizing Norway? By using network technology to make life easier at home and at work.  She explained that modernization is a necessary boost to ensure quality infrastructure, high-quality telephony, and broadband services throughout the entire of Norway. Camilla Amundsen (born 1976) comes from the position of head of Talkmore. She has led Talkmore for three years and the company has achieved significant growth and development during the period. Prior to this, she has several years of management experience from Lyse. She has a master's degree in industrial economics from NTNU.

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What are you doing in Telenor today?
We are in the process of modernizing Norway. The goal is for everyone to have access to high-speed internet within four years. The core of this work consists of the development and upgrade of the mobile network as well as significant roll-out of fiber. In the modernization, we will use solutions such as signal amplifiers, mobile and fiber development. In addition, we will cooperate with the municipalities to ensure coverage in particularly challenging areas. This will make it easier to live and work in the rural areas.

What makes Telenor unique?
We are investing more than ever in high-speed internet connection throughout Norway and helping our customers to adopt better technology, either via fiber or 4G coverage. Customers who do not have an alternative to the copper line yet will have the copper line corrected if an error occurs. This applies to both those who have telephony and those who have broadband over the copper network. The modernization will take place over several years, and we will notify all affected parties at least three months in advance.

Why do you want to modernize?
The copper lines are an old technology that is both challenging and expensive to maintain. The lines are often fragile, it becomes more difficult to get parts, and there are unfortunately many errors on the old lines. The speed, stability and experience for copper is also too poor in relation to today's needs. The average speed for broadband on the copper network is 10 mbit / s, while Telenor's average speed on 4G is over 70 mbit / s.

Does anyone fall outside?
Telenor has a total of just over 500,000 customers with services on the copper network, and of these, 280,000 customers have landlines. The average age of fixed telephony customers is 72 years. There may be some who do not want a mobile phone, and for these we offer a mobile home phone that looks like a regular landline.

Telenor's mobile network covers 87 per cent of the country's area and 99.7 per cent of where people live. Our mobile network is a far better network technology than the copper lines. In addition, we are building more fiber than ever before. No one should be worried about being left without internet or telephony.

What is the replacement for the copper lines?
Customers affected by the modernization will be offered a mobile-based home broadband with a data quota of 1 Terrabyte (1000 GB) per month. The average consumption of a customer who has broadband via copper is currently 200 GB. Less than 1 percent of our customers use over 1000 GB.


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Spørsmål:Business and technology advancements without adequate social infrastructure development could yield terrible results in the P&L. How do we ensure that both develop at an equal, continuous pace?


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Copper Network
Modernization of Norway

Telenor's mobile network now covers more than 87 percent of the total areal of Norway and it covers 99.7 percent of where people in Norway live. Our mobile network is a much better network technology than the existing copper lines. In addition, we are rolling out more fiber now than ever before.

- Camilla Amundsen

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Telenor Asa is a Norwegian majority state-owned multinational telecommunications company and is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations worldwide, but focused in Scandinavia and Asia. It has extensive broadband and TV distribution operations in four Nordic countries, and a 10-year-old research and business line for Machine-to-Machine technology. Telenor owns networks in 9 countries and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and had a market capitalization in November 2015 of kr 225 billion, making it the third largest company listed on the OSE.