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#0429: Handelsplattform for sjømat

Gjest: Eirik Talhaug

CEO of JET Seafood AS

Med Vert Silvija Seres

In this episode of #LØRN, Silvija talks to the CEO of JET Seafood AS, Eirik Talhaug, about a new digital marketplace for seafood and how to now trade fish. Selling fish digitally on an online marketplace as being the future way to trade B2B seafood globally. With his interests in seafood markets, start-ups and investing, he's on a mission to cut cost and increase both efficiency, food safety and traceability to the global seafood industry. By merging innovative technology with good industry practice, both suppliers and consumers of seafood will improve their seafood experiences. 

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What is the most important thing you do at work?
The most important thing I do at work is to communicate. Without communication, nothing works.

What is the central concept of your technology?
Our concept is to feed industrial buyers and sellers of salmon and seafood by moving it from a manual process to a digital process.

Why is this exciting and what drives you?
This is exciting because it is such a large industry that does things in such a manual way. I've been in the chair myself, so I know how heavy it is. One of the drivers is that a seafood market should be out of Bergen and Norway. Not Switzerland, China or the UK.

What do you think are the relevant controversies?
The controversy in the industry around our solution is if someone looks at talking to someone as a necessity to understand the market and bargains.

What is your own favoUrite project?
To be able to integrate services such as logistics, finance and traceability in one place. All these functions are necessary, but are cumbersome and are done through several tools. I want this integrated in one place, preferably through our own product.

Do you have any other favourite projects, nationally and internationally?
Credable disrupts the credit insurance industry by making all processes digital for companies. Kiva is a peer-to-peer micro lending platform that allows people to lend directly to entrepreneurs or small business owners who do not have direct access to the banking system.

Who are your customers?
Our customers are large buyers and sellers of salmon and seafood.

What do we do especially well in Norway?
We are good at being open, honest and trusting. This gives us the chance to collaborate across companies and the private and public sectors.

A favorite quote or life motto?
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

What is the most important thought in our conversation?
Do not be afraid to communicate your ideas. If you have an idea, it is much more likely that someone will hear about it and help you, than that they will steal or copy it.


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Spørsmål:Det er ønskelig å digitalisere fiskehandelen over online markedsplasser som fremtidens fiskeindustri. Hvilken effekt vil online handel av fisk ha for veksten av norsk eksportinntekter? Og hvilken risikoer kan følge med av 100 % digitalisert fiskehandel internt?


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Markedsplass for fisk Bedriftsorienterte plattformer Start-up
Dette er spennende fordi det er en så stor industri som gjør ting på en så manuell måte. Jeg har vært i stolen selv, så jeg vet hvor tungt det er. En av driverne er at et sjømatmarked bør være ut av Bergen og Norge. Ikke Sveits, Kina eller Storbritannia.

- Eirik Talhaug

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Thinking, Fast and Slow av Daniel Kahneman The Trial av Franz Kafka

This is JET Seafood AS

JET Seafood AS has developed, owns and operates the www.seafoodportal.com, a digitalised marketplace for seafood trading and belonging services. The company was founded late 2017 and have won several business competitions in Bergen as the most promising start-up company. They are a seafood tech company with the aim of doing the sales of B2B seafood both more efficient and at a lower cost.