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#0476: Is the hype getting ahead of reality?

Gjest: Francis Norman

general manager of Innovation and State

NERA (National Energy Resources Australia)

Med Vert Silvija Seres

For the last 3 years, Francis Norman has been part of NERA who are an industry growth centre in Australia. They work across the Australian energy resources sector, supporting and growing the commercialisation of research and development, growing their SME capability, capacity and export potential, identifying future job trends and helping to rationalise the regulatory environment for businesses operating the sector. Now the general manager of Innovation and State at NERA, Francis talks with Silvija on this episode of #LØRN about how they ensure they work towards a sensible and sustainable business future and points out how the Norwegian energy sector can learn from Australia while supporting growth in its energy resources sector, in its productivity, capacity and capability, whiles still helping local suppliers access domestic and international markets, building a workforce that is ready to thrive in the ever changing workplace.

Who are you and how did you become interested in this technology?
I had a 30 year career as an engineer of which 20 years was when the company I was part of was owned by Kvaerner, Aker, Aker Solutions and then Kvaerner again. Since then and for the last 3 years I have been part of NERA who are an industry growth centre in Australia. 

What are you doing at work?
My day to day job involves a lot of interaction across the entire value chain, working with everyone from the operators, tier 1 service suppliers and internationals, small and medium sized businesses, start ups, scale ups, universities, government and pretty much anyone else who we can bring together. Much of our work is in building a more open sense of community within the industry and making connections to facilitate the development and deployment of new ideas and building additional capability. 

Why is it exciting?
The excitement, for me, is the opportunities these challenges bring. Solving them will help to improve so many aspects of our lives. 

What do you think are the most interesting controversies?
One of the biggest right now is the tension between the broad society’s desire toward energy sustainability and emissions, the pace of development of technologies and the need to maintain or improve our lifestyles which we change. 

Your own favourite projects?
I try not to have favourites from the portfolio of projects we support. Outside of my day job my personal passion area is the understanding of how humans interact in big virtual teams, that was the subject of my PhD. 

Your other favourite examples, internationally and nationally?
We are very excited to be working with a couple of new, emerging clusters, most particularly SICA (Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia) and AOEG (the Australian Ocean Energy Group). We are looking to the rest of the world for models of successful clusters and the Norwegian experience has been incredibly useful in this. 


What do we do particularly well in Norway of this? 
In Norway, looking in from the outside, it has been to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by commercialising the nations natural resources and to use the opportunity afforded by them to build an industrial ecosystem that is technologically leading and will out live the need for the natural resources. 


Most important takeaway from our conversation?
All our big challenges will need global collaboration to solve. 

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Australia has become a world leader in remote operations, we have, I believe, the world’s largest concentration of self-driving industrial machinery on our mines and some of our oil and gas facilities are being controlled or monitored from over 2,000 kilometres away.

Francis Norman

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Dette er NERA (National Energy Resources Australia)

NERA's vision for Australia is to be seen as a global energy powerhouse, a sought-after destination for investment and the leading source of knowledge and solutions. NERA is Australia’s Industry Growth Centre for the energy resources sector, uniquely positioned to support sector-wide transformation and unlock +$10 billion of new value for the Australian economy. NERA is an industry broker and the source of insight into challenges, solutions, skills and regulation that will ensure Australia maximises its huge energy resources advantage and becomes a global energy powerhouse.