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Explore our master classes, theory based podcast classes divided in four parts: introduction, examples, tools and workshop

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Masterclass Digital Marketing (4)

We have produced over 1000 cases of innovation, mastering the art giving you a story to remember and promoting lifelong learning and the democratisation of knowledge along the way. Now we’re bringing you a whole new concept perfectly aligned with our values: The Lørn Masters. A series of 4 conversational mini-lectures lasting 30 minutes each, where a Master of their field introduces you to the underlying theory, analyses their 3 favourite real life examples, and provides you with the toolbox you need to get started. It’s our micro MBA.
They are designed to be listened to in sequence so you can get a full and comprehensive understanding of your chosen topic, and deliberately in podcast form so you can listen to them when and where you want. No matter your educational background, all you need to do is put on your headphones and press play on the first episode to get going, whether you’re sat on your comfiest chair or living the active modern-day lifestyle.

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Discover your place in today’s marketing world

A masters designed to teach you the key principles, theories and practicalities of digital marketing. Discover your place in today’s marketing world.

With Ida Serneberg


Utforsk Innovasjon i sin helhet

En master designet til å ta deg gjennom a-å i innovasjon. Utforsk hvordan man kan bryte seg gjennom flommen og komme trygt i havn

Med Hallgeir Knutsen


Understand how to exploit your opportunities

A masters designed to give you a solid base of knowledge and essential tools in digital marketing. Understand how to exploit your opportunities.

With Maria Sääksjärvi


Explore the opportunities AI presents

A masters designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the AI landscape today and how you can utilize it in your organization. 

With Morten Goodwin


Utvikle en sunn, velfungerende og lærende organisasjon

En master designet til å forklare viktigheten med endringsledelse. Lær prosessene og teoriene med Jon Fredrik Alfsen i dag.  

Med Jon Fredrik Alfsen 


Seize the opportunity Exponential Growth presents

A masters designed to give you the inspiration you need to make the transformation from linear to exponential business growth.

Med Jennifer Vessels


Trim selskapet ditt til suksess med LEAN

En master designet til å ta deg gjennom alle nødvendige steg for å både optimalisere og effektivisere bedriften din. LEAN-konseptet skal bidra til å både minske tid i produksjon, få lavere kostnader og bedre kvalitet på tjenestene dine. 

Med Gaute Knutstad


Upcoming masters

Learn about OKR (upcoming)

1 in-depth podcast about Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

With Karl Philip Lund

Quantum computing (upcoming)

4 in-depth podcasts about quantum computing

With Dr Mark Mattingley Scott