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NCE Seafood Innovation

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Dette er Norges nyeste, raskeste og mest involverende modell for digital formidling av innovasjon. Slik får bedrifter en god måte å belønne ansatte som viser vilje og evne til livslang læring. Initiativet til microgradene belønnes med et blockchain-sertifisert diplom som aldri kan kopieres. Hør på hele pakken av spennende tidsaktuelle historier om digitaliseringen i Norge hvor og når som helst.

For nytt samarbeid internt i bedriften og nye prosjekter på tvers av bedrifter, lager vi workshops. Vi veileder og provoserer på innovasjon slik at alle lærer om hverandre og finner nye samarbeidsmuligheter som de selv er med på. Disse nye prosjekter er innen tre kategorier: ny effektivitet, nye forretningsmodeller, nytt bærekraft.
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Our NCE Seafoods Innovation courses tackle one of the most talked about and discussed topics of the year and asks the question: How can we use digitalization to create and innovate sustainable aquaculture? It is a deep dive into the aquacloud platform and its ability to standardize and provide easy to understand data for everyone in the industry. The digital revolution in aquaculture is taking place right in front of our eyes. This series of courses will give you the insights and knowledge from the one of Norway’s biggest sectors through a series of interviews with candid and smart experts, all of whom have weaved themselves into one of today’s toughest challenges.

Learn from our 6 cases and take the course on our learning management system Lorn.university 

Solveig Nygaard and Cecilie Walde From Grieg Seafood ASA and Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI)

#0992:Happy Fish - Important?

Björgolfur Hávardsson From NCE Seafood Innovation

#0991:The value of standardization work

Tomas Finnøy and Emek Seyrek From Fishency Innovation and Saite Consulting

#0990:Standardization and Sensors

Thomas Aas and Bryton Shang From Kontali and Aquabyte

#0988:Data from different point of view

Geir Lasse Taranger and Charlotte Dupont From Institute of Marine Research and Bioceanor

#0987:Environmental data for success

Trond Kathenes and Jørn Torsvik From AquaCloud AS

#0979:Digitization and innovation in Norwegian aquaculture

0992_210525_OCEANTECH_Solveig Nygaard og Cecilie Walde_18_drawColorDuo

Solveig Nygaard and Cecilie Walde

Global fish health manager and PhD candidate/researcher

Grieg Seafood ASA and Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI)

Happy Fish – Important?

In this episode of #LORN Silvija talks to Solveig Nygaard, the global fish health manager in Grieg Seafood ASA, and Cecilie Walde a PhD candidate/researcher at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI). It is an in depth look into the biological applications of the aquacloud, and where, or even if there is a tradeoff between the welfare of fish and optimized production. Silvija’s curiosity (especially when it comes to the pure scale, technology and depth of a fish farm) and the guests passion leads to discussions about how to define a ‘happy fish’, both psychologically and physically, and what the knock-on effects in the industry will be from a focus on fish welfare.  

0991_210525_OCEANTECH_Bjorgolfur Havardsson_18_drawColor
Björgolfur Hávardsson
Innovation manager

NCE Seafood Innovation

The value of standardization work

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to the innovation manager at NCE seafood innovation, Björgolfur Hávardsson.  Hávardsson describe himself as maniacally interested in fish and explains in the episode why we need a cluster and why he believes that without standardization, all technological development and implementation be very chaotic. He goes on to say that there are two main customer groups that standardization is for, those who develop solutions and services and those who use it.

0990_210525_OCEANTECH_Tomas Finnoy og Emek Seyrek_18_drawColorDuo

Tomas Finnøy and Emek Seyrek

CTO and manager/consultant

Fishency Innovation and Saite Consulting

Standardization and Sensors

In this episode of #LORN Silvija talks to Emek Seyrek, the CTO of Fishency Innovation and Tomas Finnøy, the manager of Saite Consulting, and consultant to Aquacloud about the challenges involved in processing, collecting and collating sensory. They explain how standardization can be a vital component in creating effective and usable systems for both on the supplier side and the user side in aquaculture. It delves into how exactly the companies involved in aquaculture can gain through having access to the aquacloud and how the whole industry can benefit from its adoption.  

0988_210525_OCEANTECH_Thomas Aas og Bryton Shang_18_drawColorDuo

Thomas Aas and Bryton Shang

Founder and CEO and managing director

Kontali and Aquabyte

Data from different points of view

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to founder and CEO of Aquabyte Bryton Shang and managing director in Kontali, Thomas Aas. Both Aas and Shang use AI and big data to help companies make better decisions in aquaculture. They explain how companies can use the quantitative data to innovate and have a more efficient production. Shang says that farmers work with them because they represent the future of aquaculture.

0987_210527_OCEANTECH_Geir Lasse Taranger og Charlotte Dupont_18_drawColorDuo

Geir Lasse Taranger and Charlotte Dupont

Research director and executive director and Co-founder

Institute of Marine Research and Bioceanor

Environmental data for success

In this episode Silvija talks to research director at the Institute of Marine Research (Havforskningsinstituttet) Geir Lasse Taranger, and executive director and Co-founder of Bioceanor in Sophia-Antipolis, in the south of France, Charlotte Dupont. IMR provide data, research result, and governmental advice on fisheries, aquaculture, seafood quality as well as safety, while Bioceanor provides machine learning tools to anticipate water quality in aquaculture. Taranger and Dupont explains what environmental data is, how they use it and why it is important.  

0979_210511_OCEANTECH_Trond Kathenes and Jorn Torsvik_18_drawColorDuo

Trond Kathenes & Jørn Torsvik

Chief Digital Officer & CEO

AquaCloud AS

Digitization and innovation in Norwegian aquaculture

In this #LØRN case Silvija talks to Trond Kathenes who is the Chief Digital Officer in Grieg Seafood ASA and Jørn Torsvik who Is the CEO in AquaCloud. They will be talking about digitalization in the maritin sector with a specific focus on the aqua cloud. AquaCloud is an industry collaboration for digitization and standardization in aquaculture that was established by NCE Seafood Innovation. AquaCloud works for data sharing and better data quality through standardization in sensors, fish health and environmental measurements