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A course with our partner:

Norges Handelshøyskole

Our success story

Dette er Norges nyeste, raskeste og mest involverende modell for digital formidling av innovasjon. Slik får bedrifter en god måte å belønne ansatte som viser vilje og evne til livslang læring. Initiativet til microgradene belønnes med et blockchain-sertifisert diplom som aldri kan kopieres. Hør på hele pakken av spennende tidsaktuelle historier om digitaliseringen i Norge hvor og når som helst.

For nytt samarbeid internt i bedriften og nye prosjekter på tvers av bedrifter, lager vi workshops. Vi veileder og provoserer på innovasjon slik at alle lærer om hverandre og finner nye samarbeidsmuligheter som de selv er med på. Disse nye prosjekter er innen tre kategorier: ny effektivitet, nye forretningsmodeller, nytt bærekraft.
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Together with NHH, and with expertise from DNV, we have curated a course designed for those who are passionate about sustainability. #CLEANTECH is a topic on the forefront of all our minds as we head into the future and no business, organisation or person can afford to ignore the growing climate issue our world faces. Therefore we have gathered those pioneering DNV’s sustainable strategy to reveal the secrets of their battle plan for sustainable growth, culture and success. This podcast series is in English. 


Podcastene produseres, promoteres og distribueres i sin helhet av LØRN.



Kenneth Vareide and Luca Crisciotti From DNV

#0998:The Future of Digital Assurance

Sverre Alvik From DNV

#0999:Growth, Energy and Transition

Ellen Skarsgård and Lin Hammer From DNV

#1000:A Strategy for Sustainability

Kjetil Ebbesberg From DNV

#1001:Serve Your Purpose

Rune Torhaug and Klas Bendrik From DNV

#1007:Drive the Change

Liv Astri Hovem From DNV Accelerator

#1006 :Assurance in Digitalization

0998_210610_Luca Crisciott and Kenneth Vareide_18_drawColorDuo

Kenneth Vareide and Luca Crisciotti

CEO Digital Solutions and CEO Supply Chains and Product Assurance


The Future of Digital Assurance

In this episode of #LORN Silvija talks to Kenneth Vareide, the CEO of digital solutions and Luca Crisciotti, CEO of supply chain and product assurance at DNV, about the challenges they face in innovating clean solutions for the future. They also touch upon why DNV’s strategy may become the sexy business model of the future, and how digital assurance relates to sustainability and the benefits of Norwegian business culture. It also details why, if we are always keeping the next generation in mind, it is essential for us to have data we can trust.  This podcast is in English. 

0999_210613_CLEANTECH_Sverre Alvik_18_drawColor

Sverre Alvik

Director Energy Transition Outlook


Growth, Energy and Transition

In this #LØRN podcast Silvija talks to the director of Energy Transition Outlook at DNV, Sverre AlvikAlvik explains how DNV works with efficient climate strategy and how the Energy Transition is creating new business opportunities and business models. They talk about the energy transaction outlook forecast (ETO), what it means, where the project comes from and why the most obvious solutions are also the hardest. This podcast is in English. 

1000_210613_CLEANTECH_Ellen Skarsgard and Lin Hammer_avatar

Ellen Skarsgård and Lin Hammer

Sustainability Manager and Head of Sustainability Development and Climate


A Strategy for Sustainability

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to Lin Hammer (sustainability manager) and Ellen Skarsgård (head of sustainability development and climate) from DNV to discover exactly how DNV are utilizing sustainable strategy and sustainable reporting in order to increase their viability in future years. They specifically discuss how taking sustainable strategy and reporting seriously may involve questioning the company’s identity and lead to a shift in how a company will operate. This shift may be inspired by questioning both how and if a company may be successful in the future, and the culture change may come from the very top through ambitious goal setting and the goals being clearly measurable.  This podcast is in English. 

1001_210614_CLEANTECH_Kjetil Ebbesberg_18_drawColor

Kjetil Ebbesberg



Serve Your Purpose

In this episode of #LØRN Silvija talks to the group CFO in DNV, Kjetil EbbesbergEbbesberg teaches us about the mentality behind how finance experts will meet the challenges we will be facing in the current business environment as well as in the future. They discuss what the financial institutions are expecting from markets and individual businesses and how sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is a priority for any ambitious and forward-thinking CFO.  This podcast is in English. 

1007_210616_CLEANTECH_Rune Torhaug and Klas Bendrik_framesolo (1)

Rune Torhaug and Klas Bendrik

Director of EU affairs and Chief Digital & Development Officer



Drive the Change

In this episode of #LORN Silvija talks to Klas Bendrik, the chief digital & development officer at DNV, and Rune Torhaug, their director of EU affairs, about the principles and strategy behind DNVs future operations in relation to resilience and sustainability.  We discover the difference between the two segments of digitalization; business optimization today and how it will impact the company’s business models of the future. In addition, we get an important glimpse into how the importance of challenging the status quo, presenting new ideas internally and why being passionate about driving change may hold the key to long-term value creation. This podcast is in English.  

1006_210616_CLEANTECH_Liv Astri Hovem_18_drawColor

Liv Astri Hovem


DNV Accelerator


Drive the Change

n this episode of #LØRN, Silvija chats with Liv Astri Hovem, the CEO of DNV Accelerator, about the shifting supply chain, the reduction of waste in the energy transformation and explains the challenges of going from oil and gas, to renewable energy in a world which is becoming more and more digitalized. She also touches on what this means in reality for all of us, like in the healthcare sector, where she explains the value of having a system in place to guarantee that the quality of service remains high, before, during and after the digitalization process. This podcast is in English.