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#0440: Vipps for nøkler

Expørt: Kris Riise

Medgründer og CEO

fra Unloc

Med lørner Silvija Seres

Silvija talks to co-founder and CEO of Unloc, Kris Riise, in this episode of #LØRN. Unloc has created a solution where you can save time by opening doors with your phone, removing the hassle of forgotten or lost keys. In the episode, Kris tells about how they developed the digital key by observing how we stand outside our doors wondering where we left our keys and enlightens us on how we can create more freedom with open doors for smart solutions. 

Noen kjappe med ekspørt Kris Riise

What is the most important thing you do in your job?
To be true to keeping it simple and our vision to create greater freedom with open doors. We do one thing and relate to it.

What are the key concepts in your technology?
Our technology allows you to share your key through something as simple as sending a message. Like Vipps for keys.

Why is it exciting and what drives you?
New technology has contributed to smart solutions and simpler lives. However, we are still standing outside our door wondering where we left the key. It's time we digitize keys.

What do you think are the important controversies?
House arrest is what we call the experience of having to wait at home for several hours for a delivery that never arrives. The logistics must be solved. Green urban mobility depends on more efficient sharing of goods, and we believe we have "the key solution".

What is your own favourite project?
Elderly care for people who live at home in Halden municipality. When the elderly previously triggered an alarm because they needed immediate help, the nurses first had to go to the office to find the correct physical key. Now they can be sent a digital key immediately to the nearest nurse. This is a life-saving innovation. I get goosebumps from thinking about it.

Who is your customer?
Logistics companies, elderly care staff, cleaning companies. And generally large national and international companies.

What do we do especially well in Norway?
The entrepreneurial environment is growing rapidly. We have a fantastic infrastructure to support young entrepreneurs. I believe that we will see a fantastic and radical innovation in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

A favorite quote or life motto?
You’re not what you could be. Commit yourself.

What is the most important thought in our conversation?
Keep it simple and create something that people love.

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Ny teknologi har bidratt til smarte løsninger og enklere liv. Imidlertid står vi fremdeles utenfor døren vår og lurer på hvor vi forlot nøkkelen. Det er på tide vi digitaliserer nøkler. Kris Riise