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What our customers say:


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“This is the best lifelong learning program we have ever run. It has engaged the entire organization. Strong bonus effects have been direct sales leads and effective reference cases.”

- Asle Sjørbotten, CEO Vitari


Why Vitari chose us
After considering various “classical” education offerings, Vitari chose LØRN due to LØRN’s digital format and peer-to-peer approach. LØRN developed together with Vitari a series of 9 learning cases and 4 workshops with a mix of internal and customer stories.


The challenge:
Vitari, a Visma ERP/CRM partner, has repositioned its offering to meet market trends around digitalization and cloud computing.
To deliver consistently, Vitari wanted to create a common knowledge base and language across the entire organization on these key topics



How we do it


    We create a podcast series with your chosen experts. We prepare, advise and guide you through the process. A 40-minute podcast, which will be the source material for a complete course section, requires just one hour of your expert’s time.


    We convert the podcast into 8 digital formats, including a video, article, infographic. Your employees choose how they consume the content.



    We cooperate with your company to reach the desired audience. Marketing content is prepared for Lørn’s outbound channels and your own internal channels. No employee is left behind.

  • TRACK.

    We design quizzes and reflection questions for each podcast, so progress can be tracked and rewarded with diplomas, and the knowledge learned is remembered. This creates your common language and facilitates alignment across agile teams.

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Be part of the learning family!

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"Our hotel is a classic, yet innovative institution. Our employees have learned a lot from a case collection we made with Lørn".
Tord Moe Laeskogen,
Owner Sunvolden Hotel
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"Our members enjoyed learning from each other. This project has brought many new ideas to the table from our own membership".
Lill Sverresdatter Larsen,
President of Norwegian Nurses Organisation
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"Etter jeg deltok i en Lørn podcast har vi fått flere bedrifter som har kontaktet oss for samarbeid på bakgrunn av kompetanse jeg fikk delt I podcasten".
Kristil Erla Håland,
Founder of Jodacare
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"Our students loved Lørn’s podcasts. Working with cases in the form of podcasts was a fantastic way to refresh and reinvigorate our course in technology management."
Tale Skjølsvik,
Professor and Vicedean at OSLOMET
1046_210816_MASTERS_Jon Fredrik Alfsen_18_drawColor
"HR needs to find more informal yet measurable ways of developing their workforce. Lørn is a good step in the right direction".
Jon Fredrik Alfsen,
Partner at Impaktor


We can make our own podcast, why pay Lørn?

You can make your own podcast. It’s easy. However, integrating a podcast with a digital learning platform is difficult, time consuming and expensive. The digital learning platform is our service.

How do Lørn customise content?

We interview your experts, so they provide the expertise and the key messages needed to align your company. Our conversational style allows learners to engage in the conversation. It's a dialogue, not a lecture.


Why a podcast?

It’s convenient and digital. Your employees can learn when and where they want.


What is Lørn’s pedagogical model?

We take inspiration from the Harvard Business School and focus on case-based learning. This is because you remember the story.

We also use the principles behind the flipped model and blended learning. Our format allows a learner to come prepared to work, a meeting or a workshop. The learning is done in advance through multiple different formats. We also facilitate both individual and group learning through our quizzes and reflection questions respectively.

Finally, we incorporate the Socratic method by employing a conversational style and curiosity questioning. This stimulates critical thinking in both your expert and your employees


What type of companies does Lørn work best with?

We work with companies that need to become more innovative and agile. Typically, these operate in an environment that is influenced by digitalisation, automation and need for more sustainability. To meet these needs, we help develop digital skills, capacity for change and even the culture of their employees. Our customers range from SMBs with 60 employees to large corporates with thousands of employees, in both the private and public sector.

However, we practice what we preach when it comes to lifelong learning. Contact us if you can imagine a new creative, innovative, and mutually beneficial project using our service


Does Lørn only work with Norwegian Companies?

No. Covid-19 has taught Lørn how to be effective when fully digital. We can provide our service digitally independent of your location.


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