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What we offer

LØRN products are packaged learning services for SMEs and other professional organisations.

7 digital formats

LØRN delivers a series of inspirational reference cases from your own environment, and post-produces these in 7 digital formats well suited for lifelong learning in the new, post-covid era


1) Podcast
2) Video
3) Text transcription
4) Summary article
5) Explainer video
6) Quiz questions
7) Group reflection exercise


LØRN will be a professional and educational supplier of relevant innovation cases.

Through 1000 such productions, LØRN has already proven a unique ability to…

-> identify, collect, position content in a popular and accessible way with ambition

-> produce digital professional-inspirational content in an effective way for you (1 hour per guest)

-> post-produce such academic content for blended learning and social learning model (7 digital pedagogical components)

-> conduct marketing in a very effective way, with at least 50% internal and at least 2500 external listeners per story.


These cases will be selected and developed in collaboration with you, and LØRN will also collaborate on production in a model as described below.



LØRN has a strong network in both topics, and is happy to contribute with suggestions for good interview candidates. LØRN also has an optimized production model for digital learning aids, so that we can enrich course content in a cost-effective way. LØRN post-produces all content in 7 digital formats (podcast, video, transcription, summary, short video, quiz, group assignment) that makes it possible to experiment with different digital delivery models and new forms of lifelong learning. LØRN will also contribute experiences and tools for disseminating and marketing the content with the highest listener numbers in the country.


There are two strategic effects of such production:

- internal professional gathering and updating across groups and functions

- external content marketing for partners and customers, and employs branding for new talent

Production is also very cost-effective, as internal projects that create the same type of content will typically have a price tag that is 10x larger than our total production and distribution price.

We have 3 levels of service:

MINI: 150.000,-

3 cases, webinar, 1 year premium access to LMS for 20 employees

MIDI: 400.000,-

8 cases, workshop, webinar, 1 year premium access to LMS for 100 employees

MAXI: 850.000,-

10 cases, kickoff, webinar, 1 year premium access to LMS for 1000 employees


1) We meet to create a long-list of candidates for the talks, with topics and three main points for each.

2) LØRN books all recordings, which are carried out digitally, with x number of participants


- Lørn's selected host facilitates the conversation, with introduction and conclusion 10 min at the beginning and 5 min at the end

- Host asks the professional questions, these questions are also agreed upon before admission, 20 min

- Guest answers questions, but also plays ball back, in LØRN conversation style

- This triangular model minimizes preparation requirements and allows panelists to focus on academic points


Some of our previous customers
cases can be found on these links:



Email: contact@lorn.tech